Firm Completes Improvements to Its Commercial Office Building

Andrew and Elizabeth Jiranek acquired the commercial office building out of which our firm and its affiliated title company, American Land Title Corporation (ALTC), operate in 2008.   After renovations to the commercial office building were made, our firm and ALTC moved into the space at the beginning of 2009, and have operated from this space ever since.  Along the way, the building has continued to be improved, with extensive improvements made to the rear of the building, including the addition of a parking area that was harmonious with the construction of a planned unit development known as Towson Green.  As these improvements were made, and Towson Green was developed, contiguous property, consisting of a vacant lot and abandoned house, was acquired .  The lot was cleared and the abandoned house razed.  Afterwhich, our firm and ALTC worked with Baltimore County agencies to develop the cleared lot into a landscaped green space and a commercial parking lot, accessory to our commercial office building.  The developments improved the functionality, appearance and safety of our building for the benefit of our customers and employees.  We believe continuous and consistent efforts to improve our work area furthers our goals of best serving our community, our employees and our clients.