Firm Assists Its Affiliated Title Company With Developing and Implementing Best Practices

We are happy to have assisted our affiliated title company, American Land Title Corporation (“ALTC”), with developing and implementing a set of best practices (“Best Practices”) that will guide its operations and ensure that it continues to provide high quality title insurance and real estate settlement services.

In the wake of the financial crisis, a plethora of federal and state regulations have been passed to more closely regulate the real estate lending and closing process.  In addition, the leading industry trade association, American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) has developed a set of Best Practices that it recommends for its member title companies.  These Best Practices have been recommended to protect consumers and ensure a positive real estate settlement experience.

Based on a review of applicable regulations and the recommendations of ALTA, we have worked with ALTC to develop, compile and implement its own Best Practices.  ALTC is confident that these Best Practices will ensure that it continues to deliver the highest level of service, professionalism and integrity.